#1549: FaceMove

Facebook profile pictures are so boring. Half the time people use an image of their horse or their favourite footballer. If you post a lot, then the screen fills with multiple copies of the same shot -which seems rudimentary and uninspired.

Today’s invention tries to inject some animation to Facebook.

Everyone would have the option to upload several images of themselves eg a sequence of them turning to the left, or just their eyes moving or pointing…five or six shots should be enough (without greatly increasing the demand on the servers).

Your posts would then be emphasised by having you apparently turn towards the text and point (or wave and beckon, roll your eyes, whatever).

An elaboration of this scheme would be to have a small set of these sequences…eg one you could choose to tag happy, one angry etc. Each of your posts would then offer the option to tick a box corresponding to the relevant mood sequence in your personal set.

This would offer much more involvement, competition for attention and personality.

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