#1548: Securitycheque

Banking is not really an industry and certainly not one with much interest in innovation. Today’s invention, however, attempts to provide some extra security for those still insisting on using those dreadful, old paper cheques (or money orders/traveler’s cheques).

When someone wants to make a purchase, they pull out a chequebook-shaped, tamper-proof box. It contains some paper blanks and a small printer.

A keyboard allows entry of relevant data and there would be a screen to allow a signature (if an ink one was not required).

This system allows only the user to access the cheques, using their fingerprint and/or a passcode (but anyone stealing the device could not misuse the owner’s funds as they could with a current book of cheques).

All of this process would occur under the watchful eye of some seller (the accountholder could press a button on the device to have the bank send the seller a photo of the account holder -for additional confirmation of a large financial transaction).

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