#1261: UnPencil

In olden days, people used to make marks on paper using pencils. Some arty folk still do.

Today’s invention is an eraser, made of stiff white rubber, in the form of a pencil.

Since erasers are always getting dirty with graphite, and you want to be able to perform precision rubbing out using a sharp eraser tip, the pencil-shaped eraser can be kept pointy using an ordinary pencil sharpener.


  1. I think that already exists. My mother is a professional drafter (I hope that’s the correct word). She uses these erasers.

  2. Damn! I spent 30 minutes trying to find this and couldn’t.
    Hey ho

  3. I guess I didn’t mean this:
    ie a wooden pencil with a rubber core. I was hoping to make the whole thing as a rubber pencil (for cheapness).

  4. Ah, found one: http://www.cultpens.com/acatalog/Faber_Castell_Grip_2001.html
    I’m pretty sure I remember using some various other ones in my childhood as well.

    PS: I can’t seem to find the RSS feed for your posts (not comments)

  5. Anne
    The main feed is here:

    There is a separate comments feed here:

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