#1125: CuffCup

I’m keen to help these people come up with an alternative to the waste associated with disposable cups.

Today’s invention is therefore a reusable cup which takes the form of an annular bracelet or wristlet. This would be made of thin injection moulded plastic (like normal throwaway plastic cups). Such items are stable and unlikely easily to be knocked over in use. They would also fit existing cup holders.


This design can be conveniently worn under a shirtcuff or trouserleg, when empty, so that it’s always available. It would be slipped off and the annulus filled with beverage. Two such bracelet cups might be nested so that the outer acted as insulation for the liquid-filled inner. A lip is provided to enable easier drinking.

When the user has had enough, to clean the cup, a string is attached through another lip in the base (not shown). This allows the cup to be whirled around (outside) in order to drive all liquid from the cup and air dry it for reuse.

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