#1124: FalseFacia

Consider the dashboard…it used to actually be a wooden plank with some holes cut to accommodate the brass dials on one’s horseless carriage.

Odd, therefore, that all of that stuff persists in modern vehicles. Today’s invention is an alternative. Do away completely with all the displays hidden behind the steering wheel. Instead, mount a screen on the car’s roof -just in front of the driver’s head. An image of the screen (suitably reversed) appears on a large, high-quality, soft mirror mounted on the steering wheel itself.


This would be of a type similar to that used in toys for babies, so that, in the event of airbag deployment, the reflective surface would do no more harm to occupants than the bag itself.

The virtual dashboard would maintain its orientation, irrespective of the current steering angle and allow an unobstructed view of the necessary information. Software in the ceiling unit would automatically distort the displayed data to maintain a perfect image as the steering angle was adjusted.

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