#832: Lee/ach

I’m told, by a biologically inclined friend, that many medicines work at certain times of day and are largely ineffective at others. Having to take tiny amounts of pharmaceuticals at precisely timed intervals is not an easy regime to adopt. Today’s invention offers an alternative.

A container, in the shape of a large pill, contains a variety of drug material, a small iron core, a dispenser and an electronic timer. The pill would obviously need to be coated in a biocompatible material.

Once swallowed, a user would attract the pill to the wall of their stomach, using a strong external magnet. When it was in place, turning the magnet would cause a suction cup on the pill’s outer surface to attach itself to the inside of the stomach.

The electronic timer would dispense the right drugs at the right times and then release the suction cup, allowing the pill to be excreted (and reused if necessary).

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