#831: Tobacabinet

Now that smoking is outlawed in public places, it’s time to do something about the trash which smokers feel it’s ok to jettison in their wake. The crowds which gather outside foyers seem frequently to ditch their stubs and packets for the rest of us to walk through.

Today’s invention is a vending machine which allows smoking but which retains all the associated detritis.

Users would select a cigarette brand from an illuminated panel and make their payment. Each would then be allowed to unroll a length of hose with a crimped end forming a mouthpiece. A cigarette would be lit within the machine and the smoke pumped from inside to the smoker.

When they were finished, the hose would be withdrawn automatically, cut off and binned for recycling.

The vending machine could support several smokers simultaneously and might be located within a shelter with a fan in the roof in order to retain the exhaust fumes.

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