#791: Wearther

When it come right down to it, nobody looking at a weather forecast cares whether there will be light precipitation followed by a drop in pressure and an easterly gale. The question they really need answered is “What should I wear today?”

The weather forecast has been reduced to a single icon for a long time now. In the olden days of broadcast tv, representing the regional forecast as a stylised cloud symbol was probably as good as things got. Now, however, people expect a much more personalised preparation for what’s in store.

Today’s invention is an online weather forecast display in the form of images of the correct types of outer wear for the day ahead. This might be further personalised by taking into account the kinds of activities planned for the day (ie an October trip to the beach might involve taking a swimming costume as well as an overcoat).

This might even use images of clothing items from an individual’s own wardrobe to make the selection still easier.

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  1. You know, that’s a great idea! Not that I really care about the weather, if it rains then I’ll get wet 😛

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