#792: Tastetube

In the fancy restaurants I occasionally used to visit before I had children, sorbet would sometimes be served between courses in order to ‘clear the palate.’

I have a personal theory that If you really taste an individual food e.g. sugar, without it being masked by other tastes, your body can more easily deal with metabolising it and also decide more accurately when it’s had enough.

Today’s invention is a device for improving the taste of food, by cleaning one’s palette in between forkfuls, as well as possibly reducing the tendency to gorge (in search of a sufficiency which is disguised by a mixture of tastes).

This takes the form of a fork with an insulated handle which is loaded with a tube of sorbet before eating starts. A diner can turn a screw in the end of the fork and squeeze a small amount of sorbet onto the eating end -which can then be consumed in the usual way in between bites of the main meal.

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