#705: BankTank

Fed up with standing in a windswept queue waiting to extract your own cash from a hole-in-the-wall machine (which then promptly runs out of money or just malfunctions)?

Today’s invention is a mobile ATM. First, select a time window and a delivery address via your bank’s secure website (assuming that they bothered to test it using Firefox, Safari, Opera etc and not just tatty old, last-century IE).

An armoured van will then appear with an ATM in the side to allow you to extract your cash without having to trek around town. The usual precaution would apply about not allowing the crew to access the safe and also the van would be equipped with a prominent, armoured camera to reduce the incidence of post-use mugging. It would also have a booth-like structure around the machine to prevent shoulder surfing and getting rained-on whilst withdrawing.

Vans would be re-routed in realtime so as to attempt to minimise some product of the average wait time and the total distance travelled. This would also make criminal attacks less easy to plan.

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