#706: Dampdoor

I find myself frequently having to bash through multiple sets of firedoors en route down various corridors. These are deliberately made of massive material in order to impede the progress of a fire from either direction.

Today’s invention is a modification to firedoors so that they incorporate their own extinguishant.

The top, wall-side corner of each side of each door would have a reservoir full of water attached. This would increase the moment of inertia of the doors only slightly. From this, a pipe would run along the top edge of each door face. The pipe would contain perforations, plugged by wax pellets.

In the even of a sharp rise in corridor temperature, the pellets would melt, allowing water rapidly to permeate the doors’ interior spaces and adding significantly to the escape period which they provide. This might even allow lighter materials to be used in the doors’ construction.

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