#623: Swardshield

People have garden parties and outside events in the Summer months. Doing this in a grassy area such as a lawn can be hard work, especially in a climate where showers are common and stillettos tend to sink in.

Today’s invention is a form of temporary decking which consists of numerous planks of recycled high-density plastic foam, hinged together to make a kind of rolled-up spiral tank track. This can be rolled off a vehicle and sections joined at the sides to cover a large area.

In order not to damage the underlying grass, each plank has a set of dispersed feet which hold it a few cm above the ground. For decking that needs to be in place all summer, each plank would be equipped underneath with a number of small, daylight-emitting lamps. These could be made to shine in accordance with the normal diurnal cycle. For extra lawn protection, the planks might carry a sprinkler system -spraying water downwards only when a natural shower was occurring.

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