#555: Fasterfood

Fast food restaurants aren’t designed to provide a calm, restful environment. Their business model relies on feeding people quickly and then having them leave, making space for more paying customers (despite the implications for their digestion).

This is in direct opposition to the traditional restaurant approach of encouraging patrons to get comfortable, relax and spend a long time eating exotic desserts and drinking successive rounds of highly-priced beverages.

There are limited ways in which a fast food place can encourage people to eat and go -without being openly rude. The music can be high-paced and the portions small -or at least easy to eat.

Today’s invention is intended as a subtle support for such speed dining. It consists of a large patch of white light projected upwards within the eating area. This would be programmed to move across the walls and over the ceiling. The speed of movement would be imperceptibly low, but still much faster than that of the sun across the sky. This would give diners the impression of time passing rapidly, but without their being aware of why.

Faffing over the french fries would thus definitely be curtailed.

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