#554: Bandlength

The web has no real sense of being a world…somewhere with locations which are traveled between. One clicks and the next site appears as fast as the available bandwidth will allow. This is a little like sleeping on a flight around the world, only then to awake in a completely foreign place, with no intervening awareness of transit.

Today’s invention attempts to inject some sense of ‘going places’ into the inevitable pauses between pages.

A ‘virtual landscape’ would be computed, on the fly by one’s browser, between any two successive pages (A->B). This would consist of a sequence of low-res, motion-blurred images of page A morphing into an ultra low-res pre-loaded version of page B -probably flashing right to left across the screen, giving the effect of looking out of the window of a highspeed train. The longer a page B takes to load, the longer the route would appear.

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