#56: One battery size to rule them all

I’m sick of scouring my entire household for the right number of the right size batteries with the correct charging characteristics. I always seem to have one too few of whatever I need…usually I have one too few even to get the damn charger working.

Today’s invention is simply to replace all the D/R20, C/R14, AA/R6, 9V/6F22, AAA/R03 nightmare with a single, standard battery size. My first choice would be to replace all these ridiculous products with variable-size stacks of one type of existing watch battery. Small, standard modules building to provide flexibly-sized systems seems to be a good idea in general. I could then keep a sack of the batteries somewhere and always be sure that I could drop in the right number for whatever device was suddenly in demand.


OK, I know that the standard watch batteries aren’t easily rechargeable and that their sizes may not add up to be an exact fit for existing compartments and that their outputs may not quite match the requirements of all devices and that some legislative body would have to certify their use in case they somehow triggered a nuclear accident -but I’m also quite sure that these aren’t showstoppers, they just need a bit more technical ingenuity in return for an enormous amount of extra flexibility.

Everyone is waiting for the advent of a novel battery technology which will allow their latest gadget to stay awake for longer. At least with the standard-size idea it would be a lot easier to carry several small replacements and slot these in when necessary.

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