#55: Shame-cards

Both local and nationally famous photographers are invited to contribute images to the following scheme.

In an attempt to name and shame our ‘representatives’ in government, images of the less attractive aspects of life should be made available as ecards in order to provoke those responsible into doing something (other than whingeing about ‘lack of resources.’)


If you have a local planning issue, an eyesore such as unrestrained street advertising, uncollected rubbish, speeding traffic or public property that lies forever unrepaired, send an image to the shamecard website together with a description and the relevant postcode. This will be automatically dated and published with the names of all the officials who have failed to fix it (from local councillor to MP level).

I’d also suggest that their salaries (+allowances) be added to this information at the same time.

All of those responsible will automatically be sent a copy of the card in question (as will a range of both online and offline picture editors).

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