#1395: LegLift

Physical supplies still need to be transported about within office buildings -even if they are networked and increasingly paperless. This can still include paperclips, ink cartridges, cups of coffee, cables, batteries, memory sticks, postit notes…

A small fleet of conventional robot vacuum cleaner-type devices might be employed to fetch and carry -especially in a large, open-plan organisation.

Today’s invention is to equip each desk in an office complex with an ‘intelligent’ leg. This would contain a small elevator capable of interfacing with the floor-going robots and carrying its payload to the physical desktop via its interior shaft.

Supplies could be requested onscreen by a user (or autonomously by eg a printer) and collected by a bot from a central store or vending machine. This would eliminate the white collar crime of stealing office supplies (since the deliveries would all be recorded) and minimise time wasted chatting around the coffee machine or stationery cupboard.