#2797: Nuclearoof

I understand that many people of Germany live in fear that there will be another Chernobyl nuclear disaster, perhaps even one within the EU.

Today’s invention is a rapid response mechanism to ensure that radioactive particles given off by a plant on fire don’t rise into the atmosphere and spread beyond the immediate area.

A shell made of steel and concrete is made in two nesting half-hemispheres (black and blue). This structure would be built around every existing nuclear plant (red), without being particularly costly.

The outer half-hemisphere (blue) would be free to rotate, so that the two overlapping half-hemispheres could become a sealed hemisphere. This would be dragged into place (once the plant was evacuated) by a small, autonomous locomotive (green).

In the event of an explosion, this would contain any escaping dust or gas long enough for a sarcophagus to be created from concrete pumped into the sphere by robots.

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