#2770: Droptank

Parachuting tanks onto a battlefield makes sense (leaving aside the fact that warfare should be everybody’s last resort).

Even light tanks require numerous parachutes and tend to damage themselves when they crash into the ground.

Today’s invention allows ultra heavy armoured vehicles to suddenly appear where they are needed.

First, each tank is made of separate modules eg turret, left track+suspension, right track+suspension, ammunition payload, main hull and perhaps even a separate crew module.

Each of these is mounted on its own shock absorbing ‘skid’ with its own chutes, so that it lands separately.

The skids are motorised, so that they can bring modules together very rapidly to form a huge armoured vehicle.

Each skid has a ramp and winch to help assemble the vehicle autonomously.

If a part is broken on landing, say a turret, it communicates that fact and is replaced automatically with another one from the same drop.

The skids can then be reused as shelters or perhaps light troop carriers.

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