#2747: BendLens

I’ve been trying to take exciting film footage of motorcycles, for a forthcoming tourism project. It tends to be easier to work with a good quality DSLR camera mounted inside a following car.

The downside, though, is that cars don’t lean and the footage looks relatively static and boring.

Today’s invention is a reverse gimbal: a camera mount which leans the camera to the left as the car goes around a left hand bend.

In reality, this would be achieved by a servo motor wired to the car’s existing stability control sensors, but I’ve shown a simple, ‘Coriolis acceleration’ version.

A red weight, heavier than the camera, is attached to a pole and the whole thing can pivot on the dashboard.

As the car turns to the left, the weight tends to stay where it is relative to the car and thus the camera tilts in the same way as the biker in front leans.

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