#2729: ExpoSure

I once worked for a consultancy company that offered to do some work for an F1 team, free, in return for placing our logo on the car. We were told that even the smallest space on the vehicle would cost more, for one race, than our entire company was worth.

This leads me to today’s invention: a new way to evaluate the cost of motor race sponsorship.

As can be seen in the image, not every logo is equally visible from every angle. Some views are never exploited by photographers at tracks for capturing images of race cars.

How about performing an automated analysis, post-race, of all the press and tv imagery which was generated? This would be relatively easy to do, since all the filming and photography has to be licensed. It would be a matter of applying brand recognition software (eg SceneReader ) to the entire bank of images generated from one race.

This could be used to have individual sponsors pay a fee based on how much publicity they actually got.

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