#2495: Brakefast

When you pay attention to your food, you tend to enjoy it more -and eat less.

Today’s invention aims to help people who want to lose weight by encouraging them to eat more slowly (and thus, I hope, more mindfully.

A translucent lid can be attached to any plate using a suction cup at its centre (grey) (You obviously have to avoid placing food at the very centre of the plate).

This suction cup incorporates a small clockwork motor which rotates the lid about the centre of the plate. The lid has a missing segment which allows access to only a part of the food at a time, so that it can be eaten more gradually than usual.

The time taken to rotate the disc through 360 degrees can be set by the user.

(Damn, I just remembered this, although it’s less clear than today’s idea. Back to the drawing board).

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