#2482: PressurePod

When taking handheld photographs, you often have to hold your breath and brace, whilst also clutching a heavy camera. This can be tiring to do all day and undermines a photographer’s concentration and artistic input.

Photographers commonly wear multi-pocket vests and today’s invention is such a garment but one which pressurises itself to act as a semi-rigid platform. This could most likely be achieved using the self inflation equipment from a life jacket.

When you press the focus button, a small carbon-dioxide cylinder would fill the vest. That would compress your torso and help steady you for the shot -without having to keep tightening your stomach and chest muscles.

It might even have bags under the armpits to help support the camera’s weight. Once rigidified, a gibbet attached to the vest could be used to support the weight of the camera using the torso as a stable platform.

Throughout a day-long shoot, the vest could be repeatedly deflated a little and then topped up using a foot pump, for example.

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