#2479: GripPay

Everything you buy will soon be payable for using a contactless card. If you choose to use one of these, rather than pay by phone, you will encounter a problem.

The cards need to be held close enough to the reader and parallel to its surface.

That action makes it hard to grip the card properly. You can hold it by one edge, but this often fails to read. I’m thinking here about the London Underground Oyster card. Faffing around those turnstyles at rush hour makes you unpopular. Or you can hold the edges using one finger on each, but this feels insecure and is hard to get the card close enough to the surface.

Today’s invention solves these problems using a milk bottle cap seal as shown. This would be simply glued onto your card. Fold up the tab, pinch it between your fingers and swipe the card close to the reader. This gives more reliable performance at almost zero extra cost.

When inserting that card back in a wallet or even into an ATM, the tab is simply folded flat.

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