#2455: FolderBolster

People who drive race cars understand that they are hard to enter and exit. There may be roll cages and carbon fibre tubs to negotiate as well as seat bolsters and head restraints.

Much of this driver packaging doesn’t work very well in a road going sports car. Not only do race cars offer a restricted field of view, but ordinary drivers are a good deal fatter and less mobile than the average track pilot.

Yet, roadgoing sportscars tend to mimic the features of their racing brethren. This means that the ‘racing’ seat option will often have side and leg bolsters which rise high above the seat surface to provide some bracing as you enter the Mulsanne straight (in your dreams).

After a short while, the leather or alcantara gets so badly scuffed here that it looks like an old teddy bear’s paw. This is costly to fix/replace.

Today’s invention is therefore sportscar seats whose bolsters hinge out of the way to allow the driver/ passenger easier access (along axes A-B and B-C) (There would need to be a locking mechanism too).

Yes of course these can be motorised (at the usual enormous cost of options).

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  1. Patrick Andrews

    It just occurred to me that it might be best to attach both the flat and upright bolsters to the door. You could slide onto the seat easily and then swing the door + bolsters inward to fit tightly against the driver’s body.

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