#2435: SceneSpinner

There is a lot of irritation being caused, it seems, by people who insist on filming video in portrait mode.

When it’s displayed later online or on-screen, this can result in the appearance of two black bars on either side. Ugly, but hardly a disaster…(vertainly not if you use vimeo).


Today’s invention is a way to help cool passions on this subject.

One’s camera would tag every movie with either a ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ marker.

When shown on a monitor of the type I envisage, it would automatically rotate, using a built-in motor, to accommodate all the pixels recorded -without having to insert any black sidebars.

It might also be interesting to be able to define a vertical in an image (corresponding to say a person standing) and then have that stay vertical as the surroundings rotated.

This would allow a viewer to watch certain scenes in ‘Inception’ on a screen which was continuously rotating.

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