#2428: Adooration

For me, it’s a sign that our economic system is failing when huge numbers of high street shops are empty.

Today’s invention is a form of guerrilla marketing which might be used in situations where landlords won’t allow low cost access for even pop-up stores.


Unlike flyposting, it causes no damage to anyone’s property.

A pair of coat hangers are straightened out and one end of each formed into a small loop. The wires are then curved as shown (pink).

To these ends, the top corners of an advert poster (dark blue) are attached.

The ends of the wire can then be inserted under an empty shop door’s draught brush or through the letter box.

As they are forced in, against the rear face of the glass door, the poster is dragged vertically upwards so that it fills the available space.

(Since this reminds me of ways to open a locked car door, when your keys are inside, it may be possible to adapt it to place ads in parked cars…paying owners for the use of their vehicle).

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