#2399: SpaceSpin

Space travel for years to eg Mars would cause all sorts of physical damage to astronauts.

Today’s invention is a spaceship which is both small and therefore easy to launch and yet which can accommodate simulated gravity to help defend against organ wastage and muscle weakness.


A spacecraft is shown in cross section, consisting of six segmented rooms.

When in space, two opposite segments would be unlocked and the whole section of the craft spun about its centre as shown, using tangential, solar-powered ion thrusters.

Diametrically-opposed segments would move outwards until the cables restraining them became taught.

In this configuration, occupants of the craft could traverse the cables and then walk about on the interior, curved surface of each segment.

They could thus be made to experience their Earth bodyweight by spinning the craft at a lower angular velocity than would be required for the narrow-bodied craft.

One Comment:

  1. The force on your feet, when standing in a spacecraft with radius r and angular velocity w, is given by
    If this force is = your (simulated, constant) weight on earth
    Then as r increases, w must decrease.

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