#2381: MirrorsMaxed

Many people drive around with their car mirrors adjusted wrongly, despite having motorised control over all of them.

This is partly because many drivers use the same car at different times and don’t appreciate that their mirrors can leave large blindspots, when set for a driver of eg different height.


Today’s invention is a setup to ensure that the mirrors provide a more complete picture of what’s happening behind.

Instead of sitting still, all three of a car’s rear-view mirrors would scan across their fields of view left and right, as well as slightly up and down.

This scanning motion would itself remind drivers to use their mirrors more than usual.

The movement of the each mirror would allow a bigger visual field to be shown to the driver and the period of oscillation would be quick enough to not miss a fast moving vehicle approaching, yet slow enough to allow events in the periphery to register consciously.

A more advanced version of this system would have a small camera embedded in each to detect which the driver was currently looking in and coordinate the movements of all the mirrors so that when he next looked at say the central mirror, it would be showing as much new infornmation as possible.

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