#2369: FuseBuses

It’s common to see buses travelling slowly side by side in city streets or parked in parallel.

Public transport is increasingly used to advertise movies, so that all the buses in a given district will carry the same adverts.


Today’s invention is therefore to apply a stereo pair of images to the back face of buses -to advertise a 3D version of some forthcoming movie.

People watching these vehicles would be able to cross their eyes a little, fuse these images and see a stereo advert.

This could be enhanced by applying the images to buses known to pass each other on certain regular routes.


  1. Why not putting a High Def Screen on the back of the bus and show the trailer… (yes I know, it will distract)

    You could even play commoditized commercials by adding a camera that snaps your numberplate. And if you are registered at numberplatemovie.com you get all the trailers you are interested in. Or your favo info-commercial, news etc.
    for a small amount you even can place your own movie on the back of the bus, “Anny will you marry me?” etc.
    If some other car is chasing the bus, other movies will be run.

    For people not registered an add for numberplatemovie.com is shown of course

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