#2341: Bombrella

When nation A’s crazy leaders decide to carpet bomb the people of nation B, today’s invention is a defensive use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Nation B would have squadrons of small robot aircraft, perhaps launched from a patrolling cargo plane when an air raid was threatened.


Since dumb bombs fall quite predictably in clumps and strings within the atmosphere, the UAVs would be able to locate them descending from altitude, fly underneath, at zero relative speed and catch the bombs before they could hit their targets in B-land.

The drones would automatically fly their dangerous cargo somewhere else (perhaps back to A’s territory) before inverting and dropping them to detonate safely.

Although some targets would still be hit, the effectiveness of such bombing, always questionable, would be further reduced.

One Comment:

  1. I could certainly imagine eg an embassy or a business abroad having a small fleet of such UAVs to defend itself in the event of an air raid. It should be quite possible for them to locate and catch up with weapons falling at 1g.

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