#2322: Pindemnity

As a visual thinker, I’m a devotee of Pinterest.

They take copyright of images seriously, but they get around the accusation of infringement by allowing site users to make links to their favourite images, so that their ownership, or at least origin, is made clear.


It’s implicit in the Pinterest business model that if I merely link to your images, you will be served rather than inconvenienced.

I have a number of images on my home machine some of which I have copied (for nonprofit teaching purposes). These I’d like to have appear on Pinterest so that more people would be able to view and appreciate them.

The ownership of a subset of these pictures is unknown.

Today’s invention is a browser plugin which will automatically attempt to upload images to one of my Boards.

Each time it does this, it will perform a Google ‘search by image’ and if it finds a version of the image online, pins that instead.

This provides me with infringement protection via the above rationale.

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