#2320: Incognauto

If you have a valuable vehicle, parking it on the street is a risk that you may wish to reduce.

Today’s invention might help with that.


It takes the form of a car cover…shaped to look like a larger and much less desirable vehicle than your own.

A driver could enter his or her car design onto a website and be offered a number of different unstealable car profiles guaranteed to fit over the vehicle of value.

The car cover would be inflatable using a remote controlled tyre compressor. This would grip the inner car tightly, retain the correct shape and also keep any unauthorised access to a minimum.

One Comment:

  1. I’d also suggest a subtle badge on the outside to match the shape of the decoy vehicle and further deter thieves. Note that if the cover were reasonably tough, being inflated also removes the possibility of some idiot ‘keying’ one’s paintwork.

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