#2305: Pitline

Yet another motor racing idea (somebody in motorsport should really be sponsoring all this activity!).

Today’s invention is an updated version of the pit lane.


Instead of numerous teams of earnest young men in button-down collars and logo’d fleeces, imagine if pit bays were each replaced by a high-speed locomotive (maybe based on a steam catapult).

Running on a very short length of rail (maybe only five or six car lengths), this would consist of a mobile on and off-ramp. The system would automatically accelerate very fast to match an incoming car’s speed exactly…so that racers, eg in 24 hour events, would not have to slow down.

In the 1 second or so during which the car would be ‘parked,’ on the moving platform, robot arms would change tyres, wipe screens, check fluids etc.

With these tasks completed, the loco would brake, ultra-hard, discharging the car back onto the track.

Slow motion reruns of these events could be played on tv, but without any danger to a pit full of humans.

It might even be possible to fit the pit with an injector seat unit, which would swap drivers from below.

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