#2262: Twintank

I’ve tried many times to suggest solutions to the problem of damaged tracks on armoured vehicles.

Today’s invention is another approach to this issue.


The tank consists of twin hulls supported on three tracks and joined by tunnels (top diagram). Each hull would have its own motor unit and some independent weapons.

In the event that the central track is destroyed, the vehicle can continue to progress, albeit with reduced manoeuvrability.

If one of the side tracks gets broken, the crew on that side escape through one of the tunnels into the other hull, seal the hatches and jettison the entire damaged hull half before driving on (bottom diagram).

With tunnels set in the front and rear (rather than top and bottom) multiple vehicles could be joined in other configurations, such as one resembling a brick wall when viewed from above.

This would allow an entire division to travel across country as a kind of armoured mat (with personnel and other resources able to move around inside whilst in transit).