#2255: ShiftShed

I heard a while ago about a scheme in which US schoolkids pay a small amount each day to leave their mobile phones in a truck outside school.

Today’s invention applies this logic to bicycles, in an attempt to limit the profusion of ugly bikesheds/stands and eliminate theft.


As illustrated in plan-view, a large-capacity electric wagon would park each day between a couple of walls with a bike-sized slot.

The slot would have a keypad which would shuttle the vehicle backwards and forwards automatically to allow a user to deposit his machine -through the open vehicle side (orange). This would display a code necessary to later retrieve one’s bicycle.

Each wagon would have return times listed on its side, so that a bike owner would be aware of when collection could occur.

The wagons could then be parked against a wall or against each other on some nearby, low-value site, until their return journey.

This would also allow bike owners to avoid using personal bike locks.

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