#2218: WordWall

Bookcases are so the-century-before-before-last.

Despite the fact that books themselves are heading the same way, today’s invention upgrades the idea of book storage.


Each book would have the side opposite from the spine gripped by some clips as shown. Each clip would have a magnet bonded onto it (grey) so that books could be attached to and easily detached from a steel wall plate.

This allows books to be placed where you like, aligned or misaligned as required.

Imagine a collection of intersecting regions drawn in pencil on the plate. This Venn diagram would allow each book to be categorised as say SF, by Clarke and 20th Century.

Each of the magnets might take the form of a small motorised cart which would allow the books to be moved around automatically to spell printed words or act as pixels in a book spine scene.

Next, you could use a remote device to say ‘Retrieve “I, Robot” please’.

Life imitating art.

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