#2211: SkyPies

For people who are starving, food drops can be a life saver -since distributing food from the back of a truck often fails to get the nutrition to those who need it most.

Conventional airdrops run the risk, however, that a crate of food will hit someone and cause injury -or worse. They also allow large packages of food to fall into the hands of unscrupulous traders or armies.


Today’s invention is to create very high-calorie, vitamin-filled bread ‘bowls’.

These would be made with radial vents so that as they were dropped individually through the air, they’d spin and delay their descent.

The bowl shape would be stable in flight and allow them to be scattered widely across a village or a refugee camp.

On landing, these bowls would contact the ground only at one point, minimising the amount of contamination of their surface.

(I just heard the sad news that Gerry Anderson has died. This post is dedicated to his inventive genius)

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