#2194: Democrasound

Even though automated telemedicine is all set to take over healthcare, people will still need to see a medical practitioner in the flesh on occasion.

Their fee rates require that there will always be too few of them to go around -which necessitates, in turn, the survival of the waiting room.


The ancient, germ-promoting magazines will eventually be replaced by tablets or interactive surfaces.

Today’s invention is an application running on all such networked machines. Since the ability to control one’s surroundings affects people’s health this would allow the current constituency of waiting folk to vote for which selection of music or TV channel should currently prevail.

This system would allow a truly democratic choice to be made, rather than the default ‘middle of the road easy listenin’ of eg Radio 2.

A rolling average choice could be calculated every 10 minutes or so.

Such a system could easily be provided in hairdressers, airports and bars as well and should also offer the option of silence.

(If you really must have a recorded soundtrack, you can bring your own speakers and plug them in -before visiting the audiologist).

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