#2184: Edge-gregious

I spent a little time today thinking about car design and what in particular makes this one seem so ugly (I’m sure an estate version would be even worse).

My theory (probably 1.01 on the course in design that I decided not to enrol in) is that objects have to have sections of their geometry repeated to be seen as graceful or attractive. The Lamborghini Aventador has lots of discontinuities, but they are each repeated (in the same way as features in a face are).

Another example is the new VW beetle, whose windscreen meets its roofline at a sharp angle which appears nowhere else in this curvaceous vehicle.

Today’s invention is a program which analyses the lines in a CAD drawing of a product.

It checks how many times a line segment appears within a design, undertaking this work at a range of different length scales.

If segments are discovered which are unique curves, then these could be replaced by modified versions of other, more frequent, line elements.

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