#2166: Targetext

When you are cutting code in a program editor, sometimes you can expect to find an insertion indicator which is brightly coloured, so that losing your place becomes harder.

When, however, editing a dense body of colourful text on-screen, it’s very easy to misplace the insertion point.

You can usually adjust the flicker frequency manually, but it’s not elegant and often the active location is hard to spot in one’s visual periphery, if you are momentarily distracted.

All these little delays add up to unnecessary frustration. Today’s invention is therefore an insertion indicator which automatically takes on a contrasting colour to the text around it.

Obviously white on black would be useless, but a simple lookup table would allow a user to choose a personal set of high-contrast colour combinations e.g. for black text on white, I might choose a red insertion point.

Start outling a section in red and the insertion pointer would change to green.

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