#2152: BrakeBackup

Today’s invention is a spare brake light for vehicles which have had a bulb break or a lamp malfunction.

Not having two working brakelights can cause accidents -especially when visibility is poor.

Today’s invention is a plastic box with a red lens on one face and a strong magnet on the other. This would contain a battery, a lamp and an accelerometer. (I’ve seen a similar device for motorcycle helmets patented, but not as a vehicle lamp unit).

If one or more brakelamps were damaged or malfunctioning, then this unit would be attached to the rear of one’s vehicle.

Every time the car’s speed decreased the lamp would grow red.

This would ordinarily be stored in a slot in the car door, where it would be wired into a charging circuit, so that it would illuminate when the door was flung open, as an extra safety measure.

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