#2147: BlinkBeams

Headlights are currently operated at either dipped or full beam.

Today’s invention attempts to be a more effective, generalised version of this ancient regime.

Each vehicle would carry reflectors at front and rear in a shaped frame.

Each car would have a camera facing forwards which would detect the shaped reflector(s) anywhere ahead of it.

If one’s headlights were reflecting too brightly from the reflector of another car, one’s own headlights would automatically dip, just enough to avoid it.

This would provide maximal range of view using one’s headlights but still not dazzle oncoming drivers or those travelling in front.

A different version might be based on a lightmeter in each vehicle. If it detected too high a brightness, it could send a message to deflect one’s own lights.

Thus, your lights would be controlled externally.

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