#2125: SkyStack

There is significant pressure both to create new airports and not to destroy huge acreages of land.

Today’s invention suggests an alternative approach.

A cylindrical tower acts as terminal building. Each section of the cylinder has a large runway platform cantilevered off it. The sections are powered and can rotate to optimise wind direction for landing etc.

This allows large numbers of planes to land and take off simultaneously in different directions, whilst passengers are transported by lifts up and down the inside of the tower.

It would reduce the amount of waiting enormously and thus lower the costs of air transport.


  1. The runways should be tilt-able so
    + planes can land “riding uphill” giving extra braking force.
    + planes can start “riding downhill” giving extra speed so consuming less fuel

    The runways should have tiny holes in it to let rain pour through.
    The runways should include a heat exchange so in summer it can cool the runway down preventing wear of the tires and to melt ice in the winter.
    Runways can act as an umbrella (to some extend to keep planes out of the full sun.

    • Thanks Rob, I’m beginning to wish we’d patented this and licensed the idea to the British Airports Authority…except that they have no idea about innovation beyond installing shopping centres everywhere.

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