#2097: Bottless

Plastic bottles are a godsend in terms of transporting clean liquids but a global pain in the ear to deal with, once used.

The caps are generally complicated to make and they also require different recycling processes to be in place from those applied to the bodies of bottles.

Today’s invention is a plastic bottle which is easy to make, via the usual blow-moulding process, but which can also be used as a cap (ie of the same, recyclable or biodegradable material).

Two such items are shown, moving along a production line, with closed ends on the left and open ends to the right.

The bottle on the right, left empty, can have its base screwed onto the left bottle to act as a cap.

A chain of say six small bottles could be filled and screwed together thus, with the empty, rightmost one as the only cap required.

The end a of any bottle can be cut off (using scissors) and used as either a cocktail glass or a tumbler.