#2062: Delivehicle

Online shopping still suffers from the need to be present to receive items when they arrive through the post.

Today’s invention makes use of the fact that our streets are full of parked cars…even during normal postal delivery times.

Car owners would mark their house address somewhere on the outside of their vehicles. They would also each buy a barcode scanner kit and mount this facing outwards through a window.

When a post person holds up a package bearing a special code to the car’s scanner, it opens either the bonnet or the bootlid only.

This allows the delivery to be left hidden within the vehicle and easily re-locked.


  1. I wouldn’t really want my car to open up in my absence to _anyone_, including, (and especially) to people I don’t know – whether or not they come bearing gifts

    • Most people trust the postal service…they certainly seem unlikely car thieves. Maybe you could get your parcels addressed to a less paranoid neigbour’s car?

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