#2053: StockVrooms

Cities are costly for shop owners. Today’s invention aims to lessen this problem for bricks-and-mortar retail, by using mobile warehouses.

Shops would be opened containing only counters for a number of different brands on a similar theme (eg clothing).

A customer who needed to see some goods in person, or try them on, would choose from an online catalogue (specifying some sizes and colours. They would be advised about a suitable time window for their visit).

This would alert a fleet of electric trucks within the urban or suburban area. Many of these vehicles would be stopped or in slow moving traffic but they would be designed to have a frugal mode specifically for this cruising behaviour.

Instead of delivering product to one big store, a vehicle would be aware of its own onboard stock and break out of circulation to move towards a shop making active requests (in time to do a drop-off before the customer arrived and to pick up unsold items).

In this way, customers could get back in touch with a wider range of products and store owners need not pay any more for transport whilst reducing their bills for stockroom space.

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