#2028: WashWiser

Odd as it may seem, I get most of my ideas whilst lying in bed. Other people I know are at their most creative when having a shower.

The time taken for them to wash is therefore only a tiny fraction of that spent in the cubicle. All that time, water is running down the plughole.

Today’s invention aims to reduce this waste.

It is a shower system which allows one to shower normally for the first five minutes. After this time, clean(ish) water is pumped from the shower tray and used to feed the shower in the usual way.

This offers a good combination of cleanliness, conservation and creativity.

One Comment:

  1. I just came across this, which predates my idea.
    I can imagine why shower water needs to be potable…I do know someone who got e-coli infection in his eye from showering in India. It still seems ok to me to do a longer wash with recirculated, uncleaned water though.

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