#2003: RackLack

Conventional racks for the rooves of cars never look part of the vehicle -they always seem like some kind of ugly afterthought.

Today’s invention is a bike rack which is actually a part of the bike itself…and which leaves the car looking as its designer intended.

Here we see a bike placed on its side on the roof of a car. The normal rain guttering ridges or integral rails on vehicles are indicated in red.

The bike would have four padded fixtures built in: one on the handlebar, one on the seatpost and two on the wheel rims.

Clipping the first two onto the rails first would allow both of the wheels to be rotated so that their fixtures could be clipped in place on the opposite rail.

This would provide secure, low-drag attachment of a single bike to vehicles with different widths. A similar approach would allow bikes to be attached to each side and the tailgate of the car.

(What do you mean ‘another bike invention?’ 😉

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