#1999: ShipPits

Formula 1 racing is many things but one of the things it isn’t, despite its protestations, is in any way green.

For each of the races hundreds of tonnes of equipment and people are transported all over the globe by routes that no travelling salesman would think even close to minimal.

Today’s invention is twofold. Rather than trample across local religious festivals and traditions, as now, the schedule of races would be reorganised to allow them to occur in some sort of sensible, distance-minimising sequence around the globe.

This process would be served by a single large ship, especially configured to allow the various teams to undertake separate activities on board.

The vessel could be an adapted aircraft carrier, allowing the drivers to appear on deck using their own helicopters.

As well as enormous workshop facilities, there would also be a large, oval roadway attached to the runway and protruding out over the sea on both sides. This would allow cars to be tested en route (and provide an extra advertising opportunity).

The ship would allow each team a small number of container trucks to drive from docks to track, thus lessening the huge logistical issues of parking and accommodation.

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